Proposed New School Hall

The Parish Council wants to hear your views…

There is a proposal for a new School Hall to be built adjacent to the existing school buildings. Under Government legislation the new School Hall, as well as other school facilities, can be made available for community use outside of normal school hours where there is a demand from the local community. The Parish Council will be considering a Planning Application for the Hall and needs to establish whether residents will wish to use the Hall facilities and whether restrictions as to the type of use and opening/closing hours should be recommended to Wiltshire County Council.

The Parish Council would also like to establish whether there is sufficient support for a Village Meeting in early September to discuss this issue. This can be done by contacting Keith Wallace on 841405 or by making your thoughts known to a member of the Parish Council or by registering your comments through August on this page. Contact details for Parish Council members can be found on the website here.

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