£1,000 to spend in the Village - we need your ideas!

A few years ago a sale of surplus and end of line leisurewear sourced by Colin Stribling was held to raise funds for the Village.  The purpose of the fundraising was to provide the means to hold community events within the village and three villagers, Colin, Megan Shaw, and Andy Wall formed a group – The Ogbourne Fundraisers - to determine how the money should be spent.  The sale raised about £2500 and the money has been used to either purchase equipment or underwrite events including

  1. The ‘static triathlon’ in the pub garden that raised £1000 for the church.
  2. A computer projector for the computing for beginners classes previously run for 3 consecutive years in the school
  3. A barbecue in Savernake Forest
  4. Underwriting the cost of a barn dance

The Fund now stands at £1,000 and the Nationwide will no longer hold the money in a community account following the acquisition of the Portman Building Society and the money needs to be spent or deposited elsewhere.  This is proving more difficult than had been anticipated without registered charity status.

The organisers are looking for ways of spending the money within the village and will welcome any ideas you have.   The School, the Church and The Little Dragons already hold their own fundraising events so the Ogbourne Fundraisers are looking to spend the money for the benefit of the village as a whole.

There must be plenty of things that could be done where £1000 could be extremely useful whether it’s making use of the whole amount for one project, funding a number of smaller schemes or used to kickstart a large fund raising effort.
Do try and think up some ideas which would be good for the village and promote a sense of community.  There is £1000 to be spent so this is  money that can be used for something really worthwhile.

Please contact  Megan Shaw (841445), Colin Stribling (841155 ) or Andy Wall (841315) with your suggestions.

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