New Chair of Governors - October 2008

Debbie Sandison has been elected as the Chair of Governors of Ogbourne St George  & Andrew Church of England Primary School and takes over from Timothy George who held the post for 2 years (September 2006 to September 2008).  The Dragon asked her for a comment on her recent election.
“I’ve been a Parent Governor for 5 years now and had narrowly escaped being nominated as Chair back in 2006! Two years on I’m ready for the challenge and whilst it does seem daunting (what worthwhile task doesn’t?), I know it’s going to be very rewarding. During Timothy’s time as Chair he invested a lot of time and effort into clarifying the structure of the Governing Body and its procedures.  A legacy for which I am indebted.
I am so proud of our little school and the children in it. When we moved here over seven years ago I had little idea how big a part of my life the school would play. It is so much more to me than ‘the place where my children go to be educated’. It is a mini-community that provides a safe and stimulating environment for every individual child’s learning needs. It also, importantly, provides a welcoming atmosphere for all our parents and is a warm and friendly workplace for our much valued staff.
I feel very privileged to have been given this key role and need to thank my fellow Governors for their confidence in me and Timothy who has been an admirable role model and mentor. “

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