Speeding through the village - October update

At the last Parish Council meeting the issue of speeding through the village was discussed.

Cllr Smith produced a draft discussion document outlining possible proposals that had been used in other villages. The alternatives ranged from a simple idea where residents have put 30 mph stickers on their wheelie bins so that they could be seen when the bins were out for collection to the more radical solution of width restrictions. Cllr Humphries offered to arrange to put any viable schemes for speed reduction on WCC’s list for action although the areas concerned do not have accident records so will be low priority.

It was agreed that simple solutions may be effective so costings for gateways to the village which would be situated at entrances would be sought for the next meeting. The Council will seek advice from Wiltshire County Council on solutions they may fund or contribute to after their assessment. This may include width restrictions as an eventual viable solution

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