Church Working Party

The church working party on Saturday, April 18 achieved an enormous amount in a long morning’s hard graft. Outside, slipping slates were replaced, guttering cleared, some lead flashing patched up to stop (we hope!) a major leak, all the windows cleaned, ivy removed (a never-ending task); inside, the side chapel glazing was cleaned of a year’s worth of bat piddle, high-level lamps replaced, the storage area thoroughly cleaned (more bat-tery) and re-arranged, high-level dusting of windows, and other tasks as well. Fearless ladder-climbing skills were much in evidence! We had music while we worked much of the time, as a visiting team of bell ringers was ringing a full peal throughout the morning to celebrate St George’s Day – three hours of non-stop ringing. Which was slightly less enjoyable for those working outside who after a while couldn’t hear themselves think! and the north wind was very cruel to wet hands which then had to be warmed on a mug of tea. But a very big thank you to Keith Wallace and the crew – Andy Moffatt, Brian Utton, Carol Manos, Colin Stribling, Cynthia and Max Gater and Roger Smith - for giving up a whole Saturday morning for a bit of church TLC. It is hugely appreciated.

Charlotte Frost

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