Recycling scheme updates, September 2011

Special offers

Wiltshire Council is promoting a special offer on Waste Food Digesters.
1) Green Cone - offer price £15 instead of usual £69.55
2) Green Joanna - offer price £20 instead of usual £89.99

Enjoy a subsidy (paid for out of your own local taxes) - see here

Garden waste collection option

If you would like to have garden waste collected from your household, you will need to register your interest by the 30th September 2011 so that Wiltshire Council can deliver your garden waste bin during the winter of 2011-12.

Collection days

If you need a reminder on which days are collection days, check the refuse collection days calendar.

Black Boxes

If you are struggling to fit all your recycling into one box, the Council can provide up to two boxes per household free of charge. Please contact East Wiltshire Recycling on 01380 734849

New Blue Box for recycling plastics

Your new blue lidded bins for the collection of plastic bottles and cardboard will be delivered from 31 October 2011. Your fortnightly plastic bottles and cardboard collections will start from 28 November 2011

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