Timetable for Parish Council Elections on Thursday 24 November 2011

Publication of Notice of Election Thursday 20 October 2011

Wiltshire Council has published its Timetable of Proceedings for Election on Thursday 24 November 2011, for Ogbourne St George Parish Council. See below.

The Election will be held in the Village Hall.

The Notice of Election will be displayed within the parish on 20th October 2011. A copy will also be published on the Wiltshire Council website on the same day.

Nomination packs (which give you all the relevant information) can be obtained from these sources:
1) The Electoral Services department of Wiltshire Council, telephone: 0300 4560112, email: elections@wiltshire.gov.uk, or
2) The Clerk Cliff Freeman, 01672 841388. on and after 20 Oct.

Nomination Papers can be received by the Returning Officer from Friday 21 October until the statutory deadline of noon on Friday 28 October 2011. Any completed Nomination Papers must be delivered to the Returning Officer, Wiltshire Council, Monkton Park, Chippenham, SN15 1ER.

The Clerk, Cliff Freeman, will have a Register of Electors available, which can be used by prospective Candidates to obtain the electoral numbers of people who subscribe the Nomination Paper as proposer and seconder.

If by the deadline for receipt of Nomination Papers less than 5 validly nominated Candidates are standing for election, then the unfilled seats will have to be filled by a further election on a date to be decided by the Returning Officer. This is because registered have requested that an election be held to fill all vacancies. It will not be possible to co-opt new councillors to any unfilled seats.

Publication of Notice of Election Thursday 20 October 2011
Receipt of Nominations noon Friday 28 October 2011
Publication of Statements of Persons Nominated noon on Tuesday 1 November 2011
Withdrawal of Candidate noon on Wednesday 2 November 2011
Last Date for Registration Wednesday 9 November 2011
Deadline to changes to existing postal or proxy arrangements 5:00 pm Wednesday 9 November 2011
Receipt of New Postal Vote Applications 5:00 pm Wednesday 9 November 2011
Issue Postal Votes Monday 14 November 2011
Publication of Notice of Poll Wednesday 16 November 2011
Receipt of Proxy Vote Applications 5:00 pm Wednesday 16 November 2011
Appointment of Poll and Count Agents Thursday 17 November 2011
First Day to Issue Replacement Lost Postal Ballot Papers Friday 18 November 2011
Open Postal Votes Wednesday 23 November 2011
Last Day to Issue Replacement Spoilt or Lost Postal Ballot Papers 5:00 pm Thursday 24 November 2011
Receipt of Emergency Proxy Vote Applications 5:00 pm Thursday 24 November 2011
Day of Poll 7:00 am to 10:00 pm Thursday 24 November 2011
Declaration of Candidates Expenses Thursday 22 December 2011
Dated Friday 14 October 2011
Printed and published by the Returning Officer, Wiltshire Electoral Services, Monkton Park, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 1ER

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