Proposed Dog Control Orders

Wiltshire Council carried out an informal consultation exercise
commencing in February 2011 regarding the intention to make new Dog Control Orders which will consolidate and make consistent those made by the predecessor authorities.

They propose to formally consult on the following proposals, with a view to bringing in new orders on 1 May 2012:
1. Cleaning up after a dog has fouled
A comprehensive order will be made covering most land in towns and villages to which the public have a right of access.
2. Dog Exclusion
Dogs will be excluded from all enclosed children’s play areas and from areas covered by an existing order.
3. Dogs on Lead
This will not be used generally, except to confirm an area already covered by an existing order.
4. Dogs on Leads, at the instruction of an authorised officer
A comprehensive order will be made covering the same land as would be covered under 1 above. It is not envisaged that this power will be used except where it appears that a dog is not under proper control.
Parish Councils also have the power to make Dog Control Orders and to enforce them using their own officers, subject to certain restrictions.

Principally, those restrictions mean that the Parish Council is not permitted to make orders which contradict those made by the Principal Authority, and it can only authorise officers to
take enforcement action who have attended a training session approved by the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Clearly it would be sensible for Wiltshire Council to consider the aspirations of Parish Councils when making orders. However any aspirations need to consider the limited resources which both Wiltshire Council and Parish Councils have to enforce any orders.
Therefore, they will agree to insert specific areas of land into the proposed control orders, over and above the proposals outlined above, at the specific request of a Parish Council relating
to areas where dogs are excluded or where dogs must be put on leads. However, this is on the strict understanding the relevant Parish Council accept responsibility for enforcing these additional areas.

Wilts Council intend for formal consultation to commence on the proposed orders on or soon after 20 January 2012, so that the new orders can come into force on 1 May 2012.

Any concerns should be addressed to:
Graham Steady
Environmental Control and Protection Team
165 Bradley Road
BA14 0RD

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