Marlborough Community Area Transport Group

Local items:

The speed limit in Ogbourne St Andrew is due to be reduced from 40 to 30mph (date unknown)

The next Marlborough CATG meeting will take place on Tuesday 17th April 2012 at 2.00 in Marlborough Town Hall.

Vehicle activated signs
Wiltshire Council has no policy on vehicle activated signs and that the council is keen to develop one in the new financial year. These signs are currently only possible where there is both recorded personal injury collisions and excessive vehicle speed.

Reclaim Our Villages project
The Parish Forum took all the local problems and looked at them. They recognised the need for a proper strategy for the whole area. They chose an outside consultant, Ben Hamilton-Baillie, who is a nationally recognised transport / urban designer. Under the proposal, each village will get to understand its own local problems and be able to come up with low cost ways of dealing with these.

The Parish Forum envisage this work as a partnership with Hamilton-Baillie and Wiltshire Council Highways working together.

JK and MSp described the three stages of the involvement with Hamilton-Baillie: Stage 1 will involve Hamilton-Baillie looking at a number of villages and consider their issues and hold a community seminar. Stage 2 will involve 7 to 8 villages that will develop a strategy for their local area and a list of recommendations. Stage 3 will be the implementation of low cost solutions and applications for the funding of these to Wiltshire Council.

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