Report of Friends of the Railway Path Open Meeting, 25th January 2012

The Friends of the Railway Path held their first Open Meeting on 25th January. Twenty six people turned out to the Calley Memorial Hall in Chiseldon, to discuss how the path could be made better and more enjoyable for users. Some were cyclists, some walkers and some were horse riders: and all of them knew about and used the path. Among the many suggestions made were:

• Provide better signing (particularly through Chiseldon, and in Marlborough)
• Develop better access for a variety of users (especially at the Marlborough end)
• Identify parking areas for horse boxes
• Give better views of the surrounding countryside (while preserving the habitat value of hedges and trees)
• Make much more information available on the history of the path and the landscape which it traverses
• Create more things to look at and do on the way

The committee of the Friends of the Railway Path will now start to develop a plan for what to do, and start to find suitable sources of funding.

If you would like to suggest something, please contact the Friends of the Railway Path, either via their website at, or by email to

Dick Millard

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