Workday on the Railway Path, 10.00 am, 19th February 2012

Our first workday of 2012 takes place on Sunday week, 19th February. We have had an ecological survey done along the length of the Path: this is still in draft, but has helped us define priorities for the work. All are welcome.

Meet at Chiseldon Firs (SU 195 776) at 10.00 a.m. Parking is available.

1. In Quebec Road, near South Farm (SU 195 776) and accessed from the road between Draycot Foliat and Ogbourne St George.
2. A few places at the pull-in off the main A436 by the Firs (SU 196 776)
3. Several places in the car park in Chiseldon where the Path crosses the old Ridgeway (SU 192 793)

The outline plan is:

· Grassland management and scrub removal in a couple of specific areas north and south of the Firs, to improve habitat

· Planting fruiting trees at intervals between the Firs and the car park at the old Ridgeway crossing, to provide interest for path users

· Remove any debris from the path surface (leaf fall, and left over from hedge trimming). We’ll have a blower to help with this.

· Remove branches broken and overhanging the path

· Cutting back vegetation where it will start to grow over the path way during Spring (thorn bushes, brambles, elder)

· Removing litter (from near the travellers camp, round the car park, and along the path)

· Cleaning signpost at car park and removing mould growth

· Installing posts and signing at intervals between the Firs and the car park (asking horse-riders to keep to the path edge).

Please wear suitable outdoor clothing and stout footwear, and bring:

· Lunch and a drink

· Gardening gloves if you have some (the heavier the better for many of these jobs, as many of the path side bushes are thorny)

· Any hand tools which you think you would like to use. We will have a stock of tools for use on the day.

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