Railway Path improvements - 19th February 2012

Dick Millard says thanks to all who turned up today. With weather bright, dry and warm after a cool start, we had a good turn out and achieved a huge amount and the 1.7 miles of track between the Ridgeway crossing south of Chiseldon and Gipsy Lane now has several improvements.

We …

· Planted native trees in gaps in defunct hedgerow just south of the car park, as a prelude to bringing sections of hedgerow back into management.

· Cleared scrub from the edges of 3 patches of medium-diversity grassland to prevent it being over run, and cleared invading vegetation from within these patches. We piled what we cleared to provide habitat for small animals. See the attached pictures for before and after views of the patch just north of Chiseldon Firs.

· Removed debris from the path surface (leaf fall, and left over from hedge trimming) over a 0.5 mile section around Chiseldon Firs to make cycling easier and keep the path edge from getting overgrown.

· Cut back small trees where they were invading the bridleway, allowing horse riders more space.

· Installed posts and signing at intervals between the Ridegway and Chiseldon Firs asking horse-riders to keep to the path edge.

· Collected about 15 bags of litter.

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