From the Ogbourne St George Parish Plan Committee (20th March 2012)

The Ogbourne St George Parish Plan will move to the next stage of the development process at the end of April with two public meetings to publicise the initial results from the questionnaires returned in January and February.

Of the 200 questionnaires sent out by the Parish Plan team, 98 were returned - an excellent response rate compared to other Parish Plans - and a large number of respondents kindly offered to help with future activities.

Analysis of the responses is ongoing in readiness for the Initial Findings meetings to be held in the Village Hall
1) on the evening of Friday 27th April from 19.30 - 21.00, and
2) the morning of Saturday 28th April from 10.30 - 12.00

Some of the data has already been put to good use by the Parish Council in their deliberations over current planning issues including the Poole’s Yard plans.

The Initial Findings meetings will provide an opportunity for everyone to find out the majority views of the respondents, also to get involved with the final part of the process where the actual Parish Plan is developed by teams dedicated to specific elements of the plan working with any interested parties.

The meetings will feature refreshments and the draw for a lucky winner of the £20 M&S vouchers at each meeting, so why not come along and help ensure the Parish Plan truly reflects the views of the majority and delivers its aim of being a significant driver in the future activities in the Parish.

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