Housing Needs Survey - results

The survey run by Wiltshire Council for Ogbourne St.George has returned preliminary results, and the full details are attached here.

In summary:
• It is generally difficult to get accurate data on the housing needs of single people, especially the under 25s, and surveys of this type tend to underestimate the figures.
• Housing development in Ogbourne St George should take account of anticipated future housing need (as described in the Wiltshire Strategic Housing Market Assessment) as well as the number of households in immediate need of more suitable accommodation.
• At quarter 3 2011/12, there were four households on the Wiltshire Council Housing Register seeking affordable accommodation in Ogbourne St George parish: two of these households are also reported on in this report as in need of affordable housing. The remaining households on the Register are seeking properties with between one and three bedrooms and any full assessment of housing need in the parish should take account of the Register.
• The total social housing stock in the parish is 21 homes. These properties represent 10.5% of the total housing stock in the parish, which is lower than the Wiltshire social housing average of 19.2%.
• Social housing in Ogbourne St George had a zero re-let rate in 2011/12: from January 2011 to January 2012, no social homes were re-let in the parish.
• The low levels and turnover of social housing in Ogbourne St George indicate that none of the respondents to section two of the survey could meet their housing needs within the existing social housing of the parish.

In the recommendations:
The following indicates the minimum need over the next three years for new affordable housing development in the parish, based on the responses to the survey.

Subsidised rented housing
• 1x one bed home for a single / couple
• 3x two bed homes for couples / families
• 3x three bed homes for families

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