2012 Olympic Torch Relay Route

Torchbearers will carry the Olympic Flame through Wiltshire’s towns and villages on the following days:
Tuesday 22 May 2012 – afternoon
Trowbridge – including a lunch time stop
Bradford on Avon

Wednesday 23 May 2012 – morning and early afternoon
Royal Wootton Bassett

Wednesday 11 July 2012 – afternoon and evening
The Winterbournes
Salisbury – including an evening event at Hudson’s Field

Thursday 12 July 2012 – morning
Salisbury - early morning start from the Cathedral
Barford St Martin

Street by Street Route

Tuesday 22 May 2012
12.33 pm
Southwick - Frome Road (A361) from Hogginton Lane
Southwick - Frome Road (A361)
12.46 pm
Trowbridge - Frome Road (A361)
Trowbridge - Frome Road (A361)
Trowbridge - Crew Break
Trowbridge - Frome Road (A361)
Trowbridge - Frome Road (A361) – Right Turn
Trowbridge - Bradley Road (A361) – Left Turn
Trowbridge - County Way (A361)
Trowbridge - County Way (A361) – Left Turn
Trowbridge - Bythesea Road (A363)
Trowbridge - Bythesea Road (A363) – Left Turn
Trowbridge - Stallard Street (A363)
Trowbridge - Bradford Road (A363)
Trowbridge - Bradford Road (A363) to Brook Road
Convoy: Trowbridge to Bradford on Avon

14.26 pm
Bradford on Avon - Trowbridge Road (A363) from Moulton Drive
Bradford on Avon - Trowbridge Road (A363)
Bradford on Avon - Trowbridge Road (A363) – Veer Left
Bradford on Avon - Junction Road (A363) – Right Turn
Bradford on Avon - Frome Road (A363)
Bradford on Avon - St Margaret’s Street (A363)
Bradford on Avon - Silver Street (A363) – Left Turn
Bradford on Avon - Market Street (A363)
Bradford on Avon - Market Street (A363) – Veer Right
Bradford on Avon - Masons Lane (A363)
Bradford on Avon - Masons Lane (A363) – Left Turn
Bradford on Avon - Bath Road (A363) – Left Turn
Bradford on Avon - Winsley Road (B3108)
Bradford on Avon - Winsley Road (B3108) to Downs View

Wednesday 23 May 2012
09.46 am
Chippenham - Bristol Road (A420) from Park Avenue junction
Chippenham - Marshfield Road (A420)
Chippenham - Marshfield Road (A420) – Left Turn
Chippenham - Park Lane (A420)
Chippenham - Park Lane (A420) – Veer Left
Chippenham - New Road
Chippenham - High Street
Chippenham - Market Place
Chippenham - The Causeway
Chippenham - London Road (A4) to Hardens Road
Convoy: Chippenham to Calne

10.45 am
Calne - Curzon Street from Savernake Drive junction
Calne - New Road (A4)
Calne - London Road (A4)
Calne - Wessington Avenue (A4)
Calne - A4 to Lakeview
Convoy: Calne to Marlborough

11.25 am
Marlborough - A4 from Goulding Avenue junction
Marlborough - High Street (A4)
Marlborough - High Street (A4) – Veer Right
Marlborough - New Road – Left Turn
Marlborough - Barn Street (A346)
Marlborough - Herd Street (A346) to Port Hill
Convoy: Marlborough to Chiseldon

11.57 am
Chiseldon - New Road (B4005) from Mays Lane junction – Right Turn
Chiseldon - Hodson Road (B4005) to 50mph sign
Convoy: Chiseldon to Wroughton

12.07 pm

Wroughton - Brimble Hill (B4005) from Wanshot junction
Wroughton - Brimble Hill (B4005) – Left Turn
Wroughton - Devizes Road (A4361)
Wroughton - Devizes Road (A4361) – Right Turn
Wroughton - Wharf Road (B4005)
Wroughton - Wharf Road (B4005) to Kellsboro Road
Convoy: Wroughton to Royal Wootton Bassett

12.32 pm
Royal Wootton Bassett - Noremarsh Road
Royal Wootton Bassett - Noremarsh Road – Right Turn
Royal Wootton Bassett - Station Road
Royal Wootton Bassett - Station Road – Right Turn
Royal Wootton Bassett - High Street (A3102)
Royal Wootton Bassett - High Street (A3102) to Marlowe Way
Convoy: Royal Wootton Bassett to Swindon

13.00 pm
Swindon - Kingshill Road (A4289)
Swindon - Bath Road (A4289)
Swindon - Bath Road (A4289) – Turn Left
Swindon - Victoria Road
Swindon - Victoria Road – Veer Left
Swindon - Crombey Street
Swindon - Crombey Street – Right Turn
Swindon - Curtis Street – Right Turn
Swindon - Commercial Road – Left Turn
Swindon - Market Street

Swindon - Crew Break

Swindon - Market Street – Left Turn
Swindon - Commercial Road
Swindon - Commercial Road – Veer Left
Swindon - Princes Street – Veer Right
Swindon - Clarence Street – Left Turn
Swindon - Groundwell Road
Swindon - Groundwell Road – Left Turn
Swindon - Drove Road (B4289)
Swindon - County Road (A4259)
Swindon - County Road (A4259) – Left Turn
Swindon - Great Western Way (B4289)
Swindon - Great Western Way (B4289) – Left Turn
Swindon - North Star Avenue
Convoy: Swindon to Swindon

Swindon - Gypsy Lane (B4143)
Swindon - Bridge End Road (B4143)
Swindon - Bridge End Road (B4143) – Right Turn
Swindon - Swindon Road (B4006)

Wednesday 11 July 2012
16.52 pm
Ludgershall - Andover Road (A342) from Wiltshire & Ludgershall sign
Ludgershall - Tidworth Road (A3026)
Ludgershall - Tidworth Road (A3026) to Simonds Road
Convoy: Ludgershall to Tidworth

17.13 pm
Tidworth - Ludgershall Road (A3026) from Beech Hill
Tidworth - Ludgershall Road (A3026)
Tidworth - Ludgershall Road (A3026) – Left Turn
Tidworth - Pennings Road (A338)
Tidworth - Park Road (A338)
Tidworth - Park Road (A338) to Ashdown Terrace
Convoy: Tidworth to Amesbury

17.41 pm
Amesbury - The Centre (A345) from London Road
Amesbury - The Centre (A345)
Amesbury - Salisbury Road (A345)
Amesbury - Salisbury Road (A345) to Lynchets Road
Convoy: Amesbury to The Winterbournes

17.55 pm
The Winterbournes - A338 from Gomeldon Road
The Winterbournes - A338
The Winterbournes - A338 to Summerlug
Convoy: The Winterbournes to Salisbury

18.12 pm
Salisbury - London Road (A30) from London Road Park & Ride
Salisbury - London Road (A30)
Salisbury - London Road (A30) – Right Turn
Salisbury - Churchill Way (A36)
Salisbury - Churchill Way (A36) at roundabout third exit
Salisbury - Castle Road (A345)
Salisbury - Evening Celebration – Hudson’s Field

Thursday 12 July 2012
07.49 am
Salisbury - Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury - The Close
Salisbury - High Street
Salisbury - High Street – Left Turn
Salisbury - Crane Bridge Road
Salisbury - Mill Road
Salisbury - Mill Road – Right Turn
Salisbury - South Western Road – Left Turn
Salisbury - Fisherton Street
Salisbury - Fisherton Street – Left Turn
Salisbury - Wilton Road (A36)
Salisbury - Wilton Road (A36) to 50mph signs
Convoy: Salisbury to Wilton

08.22 am
Wilton - Wilton Road (A36) from Netherhampton Road
Wilton - Wilton Road (A36) – Left Turn
Wilton - Minster Street (A30)
Wilton - Shaftesbury Road (A30)
Wilton - Shaftesbury Road (A30) to Shortlands
Convoy: Wilton to Barford St Martin

Barford St Martin - Wilton Road (A30) from BP service station
Barford St Martin - Wilton Road (A30)
Barford St Martin - Wilton Road (A30) to national speed limit signs
Convoy: Barford St Martin to Fovant

08.59 am
Fovant - A30 from Fovant town sign and 40mph sign
Fovant - A30 to Broad Chalke turnoff
Convoy: Fovant to Ludwell

09.21 am
Ludwell - Brook Hill (A30) from Birdbush Park
Ludwell - Ludwell Hill (A30) to 40mph signs

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