Ask not what your Parish can do for you…

… ask what you can do for your parish.

Yes, it’s now time for all those who said something should be done about “it”, to step up and help make “it” better!

The biggest “its” identified by the Parish Plan are
- Village Shop
- Renewable energy
- Parking/Speeding (a)
- Leisure/Recreation – village green (b)

re (a) The Parish Council is involved already with some of these issues and therefore it was decided to set up a group called Traffic Action Group, to also further the issues raised via the questionnaire. Wendy Reardon Smith is the councillor onthis group.

re (b) This group will also cover the ‘village green’ aspect, which came up during the meetings held regarding the Farm Yard development. Especially the possible community benefits trade off.

The groups will consist of one parish plan committee member each with volunteers. We are looking at approx. 6 members per group.

As there have been various clubs/societies arising from the plan, we are also looking for someone to become a co-ordinator. This person would be the information hub regarding the setting up of any club and any possible grants/funds that can be applied for via the Parish Council, Community First, Lottery funding, etc.; assisting the clubs with the information where and what funding is available.

If you would like to talk things through before volunteering – please telephone or email me : Ineke Scott – 841276 or

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