Month: October 2012

Church History

Ogbourne st George Church History The church in Ogbourne St.George is a listed building. It is on the site of what was a Priory of the Abbey of Bec-Hellouin from 1146. The following site has an amazing amount of information about our village – I have copied some of it below Her gift of Ogbourne St. George church to the abbey of Bec was confirmed by Maud of Wallingford c. 1148. (fn. 164)The church was appropriated c. 1190 by the abbey, which undertook to provide a chaplain to serve the cure. (fn. 165)At the establishment of the prebend of Ogbourne in 1208 a vicarage was...

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Parish Vicar

THE REVEREND ROGER POWELL Father Roger is the priest in charge for the Ridgeway Benefice. He covers the parishes of Holy Cross Chiseldon, Ogbourne St George and Ogbourne St Andrew. Here is an except from the Dragon Magazine which provides a little bit of background on Father Roger. Note: It was written in 2007 – allow for that in any ages you read! It is nearly 18 months ago that Father Roger moved to Chiseldon to become Priest in charge of the Ridgeway Team.Before moving here he and his family had lived in inner-city Leicester for 11 years. He...

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Church Contacts

Church Contacts The Ridgeway Benefice site website has details of contacts for Ogbourne St George Church Click here to go to the Ridgeway Benefice...

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