Parish Council roles and responsibilities

In order that Parish Council business may continue in the absence of a Clerk, Councillors have agreed to take on the following roles and responsibilities:

Agendas, Minutes and Notices – acting Clerk – Kevin Howard
Planning Applications coordinator – Timothy George
Responsible Financial Officer and Bank Account – Kevin Howard
Emergency planning – Keith Wallace
Policing and Crime – Kevin Howard
Traffic – Wendy Reardon-Smith
Footpaths – Keith Macdonald
Area Forum coordination – Keith Macdonald
Assets, Finance and contracts – Finance Committee
Freedom of Information and information requests – Keith Macdonald
Lighting – Richard Iliffe
Parish Steward/Highways – Timothy George
Parish Plan – Wendy Rear-Smith, Kevin Howard

Councillors WILL NOT be paid for these duties.

Any questions on any topics can be sent by email to

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