Parish Clerk vacancy

The Parish Council is seeking to appoint a new part-time Parish Clerk.

The post involves about 3 hours work per week and 2 hours in the evening every two months, for the bi-monthly Council meeting. Extra hours as worked will be paid. The duties will involve liaison with Councillors to produce meeting agendas, the preparation and circulation of Minutes, dissemination of information received from outside sources (Wiltshire Council etc) to the Councillors, implementation of Council decisions as requested.

Training will be arranged, subject to course availability, with a view to the successful candidate also taking on the role of financial administration (Responsible Financial Officer). The minimum hourly rate will be £8.50, depending on experience and qualifications. Employment status will be by agreement as will contractual terms and job description.

Applications are invited from those who have proven administrative, management, IT and financial skills.

Clerks from neighbouring parishes may apply.

Please send brief CV to: at your earliest convenience.

Closing date for applications is 31 March 2013

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