Church Fete 20th May 2017

The Church Fete 2017 (a traditional village fete with summer lunches and a dog show) will be on 20th May.

Ogbourne St George Church Fete this year will be on the 20th May in the Manor House Gardens.

We are planning to serve lunches, hold a dog show and all the usual stalls and as many other stalls and attractions as we can find volunteers to run them.

Do you have a Gazebo we can borrow?

To make the event big and exciting we need volunteers, new and old, if you haven’t already been asked/press ganged into helping with something, if you have new ideas or can lend a Gazebo for the day, please contact me or Lou Elliott: Nicky Irwin; 01793 741216; 0797 3210048 / Lou Elliott: 01672841 514

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