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Ogbourne Camp

Ogbourne Camp We occasionally get asked where Ogbourne Camp was. Mainly by folk whose father or grandfather had served there. Ogbourne Camp was never a holiday destination run by Butlins or Pontins. But it did contribute to Britain’s war effort (during WW2) and then briefly before the Suez Canal episode when Signals Engineers were based there. Location It doesn’t appear on any current Ordnance Survey maps, as the whole site has long been demolished. But there are old maps that show the extent of the camp. The best reference point is the top of the short hill west of...

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Ogbourne St George Charities

Ogbourne St George Charities There is an ancient but still active Charity which specifically benefits the residents of Ogbourne St George. It was first established under an Inclosure Award dated 25th May 1796, when an area of about 20 acres of Bytham Down was allotted to the Lord of the Manor (at that time, the Provost and Scholars of Kings College, Cambridge) to be held for the purpose of raising furze for use as fuel by the inhabitants of the Parish of Ogbourne St George. The custom was that any parishioner could cut and take away as much furze as could be carried, but...

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The Mega-Og

The Mega-Og Three thousand years before the Romans arrived, the Og valley was already used by the Megalithics (the people who erected megaliths). Whoever the megalithic peoples were, they may well pre-date both the Druids and Celts/Britons. What language did the Megalithics use? It’s often said that they (like the Druids) had no written language. But this is a misunderstanding of a passing remark by Julius Caesar in his Commentarii de Bello Gallico (Commentaries on the Gallic War). Caesar said the Druids considered it sacrilegious to write down their teachings. He goes on to say “But for all other purposes they...

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Doomsday Book

Doomsday Book entries for Ogbourne Hear is a very interesting website called which is a free online map of the Domesday Book. Ogbourne Maizey, Ogbourne St.Andrew and Ogbourne St.George are all covered by one Ogbourne page. It also has local entries for Draycot...

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CENSUS INFORMATION FOR OGBOURNE ST GEORGE Some interesting information about the population in Ogbourne St George. Taken from the Wiltshire council website Wiltshire Community History Ogbourne St. George Census Information Year Ogbourne St. George Wiltshire 1801 406 185,107 1811 400 193,828 1821 493 222,157 1831 548 240,156 1841 522 258,733 1851 593 254,221 1861 534 249,311 1871 548 257,177 1881 477 258,965 1891 461 264,997 1901 465 271,394 1911 482 286,822 1921 465 292,208 1931 435 303,373 1951 1,381 386,692 1961 421 422,950 1971 391 486,747 1981 404 518,545 1991 399 564,471 2001 478 613,024 2011 495 650,745...

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