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Genealogy is becoming a popular activity with many families endeavoring to uncover their family trees. The internet has made the task a lot easier both in improving access to information and by allowing people tracing the same families to share what they have discovered. The best known Ogbourne Genealogy site is below. We’d love to add more sites or notices from people trying to track down information. THE OGBOURNE CHRONICLES GENEALOGY SITE THE OGBOURNE CHRONICLES GENEOLOGY SITE The following site has gathered a lot of information about the village of Ogbourne St George, including doomsday extracts, history and family names To quote the site opening words… Historical & Genealogical Information relating to the names of Ogbourne, Ogborne, Ogborn, Ogburn and the earlier forms of OCHEBURNE & OKEBOURNE in England and the USA. CURIOUS FOX VILLAGE GENEALOGY CuriousFox, the village by village contact site for anyone researching family history, genealogy and local history in the UK and Ireland. Comments  Clair Jefferies  Jul 14, 2008 at 4:55 pm Please could anyone tell me if they have any information on the Pecks living in Ogbourne St George.? My husbands gt granmother was Fanny Louisa Peck, and her mother was Mary Peck. Mary Married Joseph Gainey but we do not know who her father was. We do know that Mary’s father was Thomas Peck.Does anyone know if the cottages they lived in still...

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Manor House History

Ogbourne St George Manor House History Manor House History Tim Frost has provided the following document with the history of the Manor house in Ogbourne St George. The research was commissioned by Oliver Frost in 1938. It provides a terrific insight into the history of the house and local area. Manor-house history.pdf Man who never was….. Here is an extract from the “Man who never was”. It details a second world war deception in 1943 intended to mislead the Germans about the Allied invasion plans in the Mediterranean. The Manor house featured in the deception…...

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Village History

History of our Village British History Online No precise date of foundation can be assigned for the alien priory of Ogbourne. The manor of Ogbourne St. Andrew was given for the wardrobe of the monks of Bec in 1107-33 by Brian FitzCount and Maud of Wallingford; a second charter of a date between 1122 and 1147 refers to the grant of both Ogbourne St. George and Ogbourne St. Andrew; and a confirmation of the grant of both manors and their churches was given by Maud in her widowhood, between 1150 and 1154. (fn. 1) The appropriation of both churches...

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Harvest High Tea 8th October 2017

Instead of a Harvest Supper we will be holding a Harvest High Tea on Sunday 8th October – following the format of the afternoon tea party services – there will be a short service, at 3pm, with activities for children and refreshments for all, including ale (for adults – which we are told was traditional at harvest time). All are welcome, there are no age or belief barriers. Any gifts donated on the day will be shared with the women’s refuge (tins and dry good are easier for them to store and use), or perhaps use your harvest bounty...

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Welcome to Ogbourne St George. SITE IN REBUILD

THIS SITE IS GOING THROUGH A RAPID RE-BUILD AFTER 10 YEARS, 700,000 HITS. FOR PARISH COUNCIL INFORMATION – FOR THE REST OF OCTOBER PLEASE REFER TO THE VILLAGE NOTICE BOARD This is the website for village of Ogbourne St George. Whether you live in the village or are just planning a visit to the area you will find plenty of useful information within this site. Contributions: News, up coming events, pictures, stories or any other content are always required to ensure we have a great resource for the village residents and visitors. We also appreciate feedback about the site...

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