Water levels in the Og and Kennet valleys

As measured by the Environment Agency gauging stations.

Og water levels, measured at Poulton Farm

Kennet water levels, measured in Marlborough

Kennet at Winterborne Monkton

Many parishioners will have noticed the Thames Water earthworks in progress alongside the A346 between Chisledon and the reservoir north of the village.

Grants and Awards

There is a small local charity which is able to make grants to residents of Ogbourne St George. The trustees of the Charity encourage parishioners to apply for grants or to nominate others.

If you know anyone in the parish who needs help, the contact details and more information are on the Ogbourne Charities page.

New Church Council

The village has a new Parochial Church Council (PCC), and the PCC contacts page has been updated.

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