Good news on Litter

You might remember we had a very successful Litter Picking Party last year with councillors and parishioners happily working together to get the job done!

Of course, that didn’t permanently stop some careless people dropping litter as they pass through. So we’re very pleased that a parishioner has volunteered to be a Litter Warden. Armed with a Litter Picker, they will be out and about.

Yes, we know there are some serial offenders dropping the litter, and we know who some of them are. But that’s another story.

If you spot any litter hotspots and can’t get people to pickup their own litter (hint) do let one of your councillors know, and we’ll pass on the message to our new Litter Warden.

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

The village will be joining in the Jubilee celebrations from 1st June with a host of activities including a Scarecrow Competition with a Jubilee theme, Open Gardens, a Treasure Hunt, and activities for the children.

On Monday 4th June there will be a big Jubilee Party based in the school hall and grounds with free hot dogs and burgers and a cash bar. The day will culminate with a beacon and spectacular firework display at the top of Aldbourne Hill.

Bus timetable changes

From 23 October 2011 - Route 5 on Sundays is now a Stagecoach route.
It now goes via Liddiards Green and Chiseldon, Chaplins Stores

Additionally, the Weekdays 0725 Swindon to Marlborough Service 70 journey is retimed to depart 10 minutes earlier at 0715.

Sunday journeys on Service 71 will be withdrawn.

Wilts & Dorset X5 route - now only Mon-Sat

See the Transport page for more details.

What do you want to say?

Did you know that all regular parish council meetings are open to the public?

Did you know that all parishioners are welcome to attend, and voice an opinion on items on the agenda?

If what you want to talk about isn’t on the agenda, contact a councillor and get the question(s) asked!

Or come to a meeting anyway, and raise the subject in the Any Other Business part of the meeting.

It’s your parish, the parish council is elected by you, and you have a right to be heard.

Courier Fraud - Police Advice

Advice received from Wiltshire Police:

Please find below information regarding a type of courier fraud that I have been sent and want you all to be made aware of. Please pass on as you deem necessary.

Fraudsters continue to target customers from various banks in an attempt to obtain their credit/debit card and associated details. Although modus operandi varies the fraud largely involves the following steps:

· Customer is telephoned and instructed that their card(s) has been compromised. The suspect calls customer and claims to represent their bank or local police if it is a crime in action. Customer is informed that their card(s) has been compromised.
· Social engineering takes place. The caller requests banking information, PIN and security information either verbally, or is asked to type details into the telephone keypad. The fraudster uses the audio tones from the keypad entries to decipher the victim’s PIN. The customer is informed that a courier will be sent to collect the card.
· If the customer is suspicious about the authenticity of the call, the customer is asked to call their bank directly. The suspect keeps the phone line open so when the victim calls back, they get through to the same individual. In some cases, it has been reported that the suspects play a recording of the banks music/options again to make the call seem authentic. .
· In some cases the customer is instructed to cut the card into two pieces through the magnetic stripe on the back of the card. The customer is informed that the chip must retain intact for forensic investigation.
· A courier, or in some cases a taxi is dispatched to collect the card(s). The customer is instructed that the card(s) have been cancelled and that a courier will personally collect for destruction purposes. In some cases, the customer is asked to put the card/s into an envelope ready for collection.
· The courier/taxi arrives to collect the card(s). In some cases the customer is given what they believe to be a replacement card in an envelope. Once the customer opens the envelope they may find a counterfeit card enclosed.
· Customer/bank realises that they have been the victim of fraud when (a) they attend their local branch to order new cards at the request of the suspect or (b) when fraudulent spend is detected by the bank or financial products have been applied for using their details.

To add elements of authenticity the courier may request that the customer places the card(s) into an envelope, after which they are given a code which is written on the package. The courier also plays a fairly dismissive role, complaining about parking charges and stating that they need to make contact with their controller to ascertain where the card(s) should be delivered.

All sectors of society have fallen victim to this fraud type, however suspects have been known to target the more vulnerable sectors of society such as the elderly.

Below is advice valuable to tackling this sort of criminality;

· Banks will never send someone to your home address to collect your card.
· Your bank will never ask for your PIN.
· It is common practise for banks to make contact with their customers if fraud is suspected. Customers are advised if a call is received from anyone asking for personal/banking data, to advise the caller that they will call the number on the back of their card. They are advised to ensure that there is a dial tone before calling back.
· Victims to monitor their account and credit history to detect any further compromises.
· Victims to reassess their information security practises and implement basic steps, such as regularly changing card PIN numbers, shredding all personal information prior to disposal and when shopping online register cards with Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode.

Kind Regards,
Jonathan Mills PCSO 6093
Marlborough Police Community Support Officer
Phone: 101 ext. 739-817
Mobile: 07969 501963

2012 Olympic Torch Relay Route

Torchbearers will carry the Olympic Flame through Wiltshire’s towns and villages on the following days:
Tuesday 22 May 2012 – afternoon
Trowbridge – including a lunch time stop
Bradford on Avon

Wednesday 23 May 2012 – morning and early afternoon
Royal Wootton Bassett

Wednesday 11 July 2012 – afternoon and evening
The Winterbournes
Salisbury – including an evening event at Hudson’s Field

Thursday 12 July 2012 – morning
Salisbury - early morning start from the Cathedral
Barford St Martin

Street by Street Route

Tuesday 22 May 2012
12.33 pm
Southwick - Frome Road (A361) from Hogginton Lane
Southwick - Frome Road (A361)
12.46 pm
Trowbridge - Frome Road (A361)
Trowbridge - Frome Road (A361)
Trowbridge - Crew Break
Trowbridge - Frome Road (A361)
Trowbridge - Frome Road (A361) – Right Turn
Trowbridge - Bradley Road (A361) – Left Turn
Trowbridge - County Way (A361)
Trowbridge - County Way (A361) – Left Turn
Trowbridge - Bythesea Road (A363)
Trowbridge - Bythesea Road (A363) – Left Turn
Trowbridge - Stallard Street (A363)
Trowbridge - Bradford Road (A363)
Trowbridge - Bradford Road (A363) to Brook Road
Convoy: Trowbridge to Bradford on Avon

14.26 pm
Bradford on Avon - Trowbridge Road (A363) from Moulton Drive
Bradford on Avon - Trowbridge Road (A363)
Bradford on Avon - Trowbridge Road (A363) – Veer Left
Bradford on Avon - Junction Road (A363) – Right Turn
Bradford on Avon - Frome Road (A363)
Bradford on Avon - St Margaret’s Street (A363)
Bradford on Avon - Silver Street (A363) – Left Turn
Bradford on Avon - Market Street (A363)
Bradford on Avon - Market Street (A363) – Veer Right
Bradford on Avon - Masons Lane (A363)
Bradford on Avon - Masons Lane (A363) – Left Turn
Bradford on Avon - Bath Road (A363) – Left Turn
Bradford on Avon - Winsley Road (B3108)
Bradford on Avon - Winsley Road (B3108) to Downs View

Wednesday 23 May 2012
09.46 am
Chippenham - Bristol Road (A420) from Park Avenue junction
Chippenham - Marshfield Road (A420)
Chippenham - Marshfield Road (A420) – Left Turn
Chippenham - Park Lane (A420)
Chippenham - Park Lane (A420) – Veer Left
Chippenham - New Road
Chippenham - High Street
Chippenham - Market Place
Chippenham - The Causeway
Chippenham - London Road (A4) to Hardens Road
Convoy: Chippenham to Calne

10.45 am
Calne - Curzon Street from Savernake Drive junction
Calne - New Road (A4)
Calne - London Road (A4)
Calne - Wessington Avenue (A4)
Calne - A4 to Lakeview
Convoy: Calne to Marlborough

11.25 am
Marlborough - A4 from Goulding Avenue junction
Marlborough - High Street (A4)
Marlborough - High Street (A4) – Veer Right
Marlborough - New Road – Left Turn
Marlborough - Barn Street (A346)
Marlborough - Herd Street (A346) to Port Hill
Convoy: Marlborough to Chiseldon

11.57 am
Chiseldon - New Road (B4005) from Mays Lane junction – Right Turn
Chiseldon - Hodson Road (B4005) to 50mph sign
Convoy: Chiseldon to Wroughton

12.07 pm

Wroughton - Brimble Hill (B4005) from Wanshot junction
Wroughton - Brimble Hill (B4005) – Left Turn
Wroughton - Devizes Road (A4361)
Wroughton - Devizes Road (A4361) – Right Turn
Wroughton - Wharf Road (B4005)
Wroughton - Wharf Road (B4005) to Kellsboro Road
Convoy: Wroughton to Royal Wootton Bassett

12.32 pm
Royal Wootton Bassett - Noremarsh Road
Royal Wootton Bassett - Noremarsh Road – Right Turn
Royal Wootton Bassett - Station Road
Royal Wootton Bassett - Station Road – Right Turn
Royal Wootton Bassett - High Street (A3102)
Royal Wootton Bassett - High Street (A3102) to Marlowe Way
Convoy: Royal Wootton Bassett to Swindon

13.00 pm
Swindon - Kingshill Road (A4289)
Swindon - Bath Road (A4289)
Swindon - Bath Road (A4289) – Turn Left
Swindon - Victoria Road
Swindon - Victoria Road – Veer Left
Swindon - Crombey Street
Swindon - Crombey Street – Right Turn
Swindon - Curtis Street – Right Turn
Swindon - Commercial Road – Left Turn
Swindon - Market Street

Swindon - Crew Break

Swindon - Market Street – Left Turn
Swindon - Commercial Road
Swindon - Commercial Road – Veer Left
Swindon - Princes Street – Veer Right
Swindon - Clarence Street – Left Turn
Swindon - Groundwell Road
Swindon - Groundwell Road – Left Turn
Swindon - Drove Road (B4289)
Swindon - County Road (A4259)
Swindon - County Road (A4259) – Left Turn
Swindon - Great Western Way (B4289)
Swindon - Great Western Way (B4289) – Left Turn
Swindon - North Star Avenue
Convoy: Swindon to Swindon

Swindon - Gypsy Lane (B4143)
Swindon - Bridge End Road (B4143)
Swindon - Bridge End Road (B4143) – Right Turn
Swindon - Swindon Road (B4006)

Wednesday 11 July 2012
16.52 pm
Ludgershall - Andover Road (A342) from Wiltshire & Ludgershall sign
Ludgershall - Tidworth Road (A3026)
Ludgershall - Tidworth Road (A3026) to Simonds Road
Convoy: Ludgershall to Tidworth

17.13 pm
Tidworth - Ludgershall Road (A3026) from Beech Hill
Tidworth - Ludgershall Road (A3026)
Tidworth - Ludgershall Road (A3026) – Left Turn
Tidworth - Pennings Road (A338)
Tidworth - Park Road (A338)
Tidworth - Park Road (A338) to Ashdown Terrace
Convoy: Tidworth to Amesbury

17.41 pm
Amesbury - The Centre (A345) from London Road
Amesbury - The Centre (A345)
Amesbury - Salisbury Road (A345)
Amesbury - Salisbury Road (A345) to Lynchets Road
Convoy: Amesbury to The Winterbournes

17.55 pm
The Winterbournes - A338 from Gomeldon Road
The Winterbournes - A338
The Winterbournes - A338 to Summerlug
Convoy: The Winterbournes to Salisbury

18.12 pm
Salisbury - London Road (A30) from London Road Park & Ride
Salisbury - London Road (A30)
Salisbury - London Road (A30) – Right Turn
Salisbury - Churchill Way (A36)
Salisbury - Churchill Way (A36) at roundabout third exit
Salisbury - Castle Road (A345)
Salisbury - Evening Celebration – Hudson’s Field

Thursday 12 July 2012
07.49 am
Salisbury - Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury - The Close
Salisbury - High Street
Salisbury - High Street – Left Turn
Salisbury - Crane Bridge Road
Salisbury - Mill Road
Salisbury - Mill Road – Right Turn
Salisbury - South Western Road – Left Turn
Salisbury - Fisherton Street
Salisbury - Fisherton Street – Left Turn
Salisbury - Wilton Road (A36)
Salisbury - Wilton Road (A36) to 50mph signs
Convoy: Salisbury to Wilton

08.22 am
Wilton - Wilton Road (A36) from Netherhampton Road
Wilton - Wilton Road (A36) – Left Turn
Wilton - Minster Street (A30)
Wilton - Shaftesbury Road (A30)
Wilton - Shaftesbury Road (A30) to Shortlands
Convoy: Wilton to Barford St Martin

Barford St Martin - Wilton Road (A30) from BP service station
Barford St Martin - Wilton Road (A30)
Barford St Martin - Wilton Road (A30) to national speed limit signs
Convoy: Barford St Martin to Fovant

08.59 am
Fovant - A30 from Fovant town sign and 40mph sign
Fovant - A30 to Broad Chalke turnoff
Convoy: Fovant to Ludwell

09.21 am
Ludwell - Brook Hill (A30) from Birdbush Park
Ludwell - Ludwell Hill (A30) to 40mph signs

Friends of Coronation Gardens - Grant Awarded!

Good news! After applying five months ago, we have been awarded a grant for a new bench for Coronation Gardens.

The bench itself is a six-foot, four-seater made from teak hardwood from a sustainable source. It is a replacement for the one damaged by a wayward driver some months back.

The grant is for £317 from the Marlborough Area Board.

Teak park bench

Ogbourne Brownies

Early in 2012, a Brownie group started in Ogbourne St.George, meeting in the School Hall every Tuesday from 5pm to 6.30pm (excluding holidays). Contact Sarah Cooke at the school for more details.

Housing Needs Survey - results

The survey run by Wiltshire Council for Ogbourne St.George has returned preliminary results, and the full details are attached here.

In summary:
• It is generally difficult to get accurate data on the housing needs of single people, especially the under 25s, and surveys of this type tend to underestimate the figures.
• Housing development in Ogbourne St George should take account of anticipated future housing need (as described in the Wiltshire Strategic Housing Market Assessment) as well as the number of households in immediate need of more suitable accommodation.
• At quarter 3 2011/12, there were four households on the Wiltshire Council Housing Register seeking affordable accommodation in Ogbourne St George parish: two of these households are also reported on in this report as in need of affordable housing. The remaining households on the Register are seeking properties with between one and three bedrooms and any full assessment of housing need in the parish should take account of the Register.
• The total social housing stock in the parish is 21 homes. These properties represent 10.5% of the total housing stock in the parish, which is lower than the Wiltshire social housing average of 19.2%.
• Social housing in Ogbourne St George had a zero re-let rate in 2011/12: from January 2011 to January 2012, no social homes were re-let in the parish.
• The low levels and turnover of social housing in Ogbourne St George indicate that none of the respondents to section two of the survey could meet their housing needs within the existing social housing of the parish.

In the recommendations:
The following indicates the minimum need over the next three years for new affordable housing development in the parish, based on the responses to the survey.

Subsidised rented housing
• 1x one bed home for a single / couple
• 3x two bed homes for couples / families
• 3x three bed homes for families

Clocks go forward!

Just to remind you all, for the start of British Summer Time, all clocks should go forward by one hour at 1:00am on Sunday 25th March 2012.

Unlike my car clock, which is permanently on BST as I have never figured out how to adjust it.

Aid memoire: Springtime clocks spring forward, Autumn clocks fall back.

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