Waste and recycling news

Following the introduction of plastic bottles and cardboard collections in north, west and east Wiltshire, there will be a change to fortnightly collections of household waste during February and March 2012 in the north and south of the county. This will bring collections in line with those in the east and west of the county where fortnightly collections are already in place. It is hoped that this, along with the extension of the recycling and composting services, will enable the council to reach 50% recycling.

If you would like someone from the council’s waste team to come to your parish council meeting or community event to discuss the new waste and recycling collection service please contact Vicki White 01225 718523 or Laura Snoulton 01225 776655 or email

Friends of the Railway Path - Open Meeting, 25th Jan, Chisledon

The Friends of the Railway Path are holding an Open Meeting to help firm up on plans for developing the Railway Path between Coate Water and Marlborough. During the meeting, they will:

· Have contributions from walkers, cyclists, horse riders and others on the potential of the Path, and what it could contribute to the area
· Identify priorities for what we should aim to do (and raise funds for)
· Work out how best to involve the community in helping to make it happen.

The meeting is open to all; everyone is welcome to come along and help us develop our vision for the future of the Path. Details of venue and timing are below.

Time: 7 – 9 pm on Wednesday 25th January 2012
Venue: Calley Memorial Hall, Draycott Road, Chiseldon, SN4 0LS,+Swindon&hl=en&cd=1&cad=src:ppiwlink&ei=t9YCT8XkMseejweI6PXBCg&dtab=2

Dick Millard
Tel: 01793 617 972

Bus timetable changes

From 23 October 2011 - Route 5 on Sundays is now a Stagecoach route.
It now goes via Liddiards Green and Chiseldon, Chaplins Stores

Additionally, the Weekdays 0725 Swindon to Marlborough Service 70 journey is retimed to depart 10 minutes earlier at 0715.

Sunday journeys on Service 71 will be withdrawn.

Wilts & Dorset X5 route - now only Mon-Sat

See the Transport page for more details.

Local government contact details

You can contact your West Selkley Councillor (Jemima Milton), your local MP (Claire Perry), and your European MPs through Write To Them.

Fredericks Wiltshire: Business loan fund

Wiltshire Council is working with the Fredericks Foundation and GWE Business West Ltd to deliver loans to viable small or micro businesses denied access to credit through the banking system.

For more information contact:

Terri Stevenson or Tim King on 01793 698023 or email or

Wiltshire Council suggests solar panel caution

Wiltshire Council is encouraging homeowners to consider carefully the long term implications before agreeing to install solar panels on their homes.

Sue Wilkin, senior public protection officer at the council, said although solar panels could bring about savings, homeowners needed to be aware of the long term commitments. There would be a legally binding lease agreement with the company who carried out the installation. Homeowners with a mortgage must advise their mortgage companies of their intentions, because not to do so would be a breach of the terms of their mortgage.

Once agreed the panels must stay, even when the homeowner wants to sell. Anyone wishing to purchase the property would do so subject to that lease. Leases for solar panels were not always the same. Gains to be made from the scheme were not the same with each supplier and small print should be read carefully. Some leases did not provide for repairs which then became the liability of the homeowner.
Some solar panels were self cleaning and others required professional cleaning at regular intervals to remain effective. Some were extremely heavy and unsuitable for certain roof structures.

Sue Wilkin advised: “Schemes such as grants for insulation, solar panels or any other home improvement should be properly looked into before agreement. The companies offering the schemes are businesses, and their primary concern is to make money, and salesmen will not necessarily give people the best advice. If people are unsure, they should talk to Consumer Direct on 08454 040506. If they are thinking of solar panels, and have a mortgage they should talk to their mortgage company before signing up.
Even though people may have legal rights to change their mind for a short time, if they signed up when the salesman called, people may still end up paying some charges if they later don’t go ahead. If people succumb to the salesman’s chat and are then worried, they should take advice immediately before their rights expire.”

Mobile libraries – biennial route review

Wiltshire libraries have four public mobile libraries and one residential homes mobile. Between them they visit over 400 stops in communities across the county. The service offers a wide range of stock, including large print, talking books, DVDs, and children’s titles. Stops range from ten minutes at some locations to two hours in larger communities; the public mobile libraries operate on a fortnightly timetable and the residential home mobile library visits on a four weekly rota.

Every two years these stops are reviewed to ensure they are located in the right place, promoted to the community effectively and new stops added where possible. It is also an opportunity to check library services are provided in the most appropriate way; for example, would some residents be better served by the home library service that comes direct to the customer’s home?

Wiltshire Council will be contacting parish councils in the New Year to help with the route review process. Public consultation will take place from February to April 2012; in the meantime, any suggestions for new stops or new locations for existing ones should be communicated to Rebecca Bolton, outreach services manager on 01225 713706 or email New mobile timetables are expected to start on 1 July 2012. Current timetables can be viewed at

Proposed Dog Control Orders

Wiltshire Council carried out an informal consultation exercise
commencing in February 2011 regarding the intention to make new Dog Control Orders which will consolidate and make consistent those made by the predecessor authorities.

They propose to formally consult on the following proposals, with a view to bringing in new orders on 1 May 2012:
1. Cleaning up after a dog has fouled
A comprehensive order will be made covering most land in towns and villages to which the public have a right of access.
2. Dog Exclusion
Dogs will be excluded from all enclosed children’s play areas and from areas covered by an existing order.
3. Dogs on Lead
This will not be used generally, except to confirm an area already covered by an existing order.
4. Dogs on Leads, at the instruction of an authorised officer
A comprehensive order will be made covering the same land as would be covered under 1 above. It is not envisaged that this power will be used except where it appears that a dog is not under proper control.
Parish Councils also have the power to make Dog Control Orders and to enforce them using their own officers, subject to certain restrictions.

Principally, those restrictions mean that the Parish Council is not permitted to make orders which contradict those made by the Principal Authority, and it can only authorise officers to
take enforcement action who have attended a training session approved by the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Clearly it would be sensible for Wiltshire Council to consider the aspirations of Parish Councils when making orders. However any aspirations need to consider the limited resources which both Wiltshire Council and Parish Councils have to enforce any orders.
Therefore, they will agree to insert specific areas of land into the proposed control orders, over and above the proposals outlined above, at the specific request of a Parish Council relating
to areas where dogs are excluded or where dogs must be put on leads. However, this is on the strict understanding the relevant Parish Council accept responsibility for enforcing these additional areas.

Wilts Council intend for formal consultation to commence on the proposed orders on or soon after 20 January 2012, so that the new orders can come into force on 1 May 2012.

Any concerns should be addressed to:
Graham Steady
Environmental Control and Protection Team
165 Bradley Road
BA14 0RD

What matters to you?

This is a survey being run by Wiltshire Council “to help us find out more
about the views of the people of Wiltshire”.


Wednesday 23 May 2012 - Olympic Torch

The Torch will be coming to Wiltshire next year in the lead up to the London Olympic Games.

Where will the Torch be going?
Wednesday 23 May 2012 - morning
Royal Wootton Bassett

Only in the towns themselves will the Torch actually be carried by a Torch Bearer and visible to spectators. Between these towns, the Torch will be carried in what might be called the Torch Protection Van (or something like that). So if you want to see the torch, get yourself to Marlborough or Wootton Bassett.

Actual route and timings still to be advised, so this item will be updated when we have more news.

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