At last! Superfast broadband enabled

After over six months of delay, superfast broadband has now been enabled for Ogbourne St.George. As of 19th January 2016, Cabinet 2 (serving Ogbourne St George) is now live and ready for service.

Lots of service providers offer superfast fibre broadband for homes, often bundled with phone and TV packages as well. See this page for a summary of the available service providers.

I’m stuck in a fairy tale, get me out of here!

This is the title of an inaugural village pantomime, being put on by 1st Ogbourne Guides, and is set to be great fun for family, friends and villagers.

Date: Friday 22nd Jan at 7pm or Saturday 23rd Jan at 4.30pm.

Tickets are £2 per seat and can be purchased by emailing:

It is family friendly and we hope a great opportunity to bring everyone in the village together regardless of age.

Water levels in the Og and Kennet valleys

As measured by the Environment Agency gauging stations.

Og water levels, measured at Poulton Farm

Kennet water levels, measured in Marlborough

Kennet at Winterborne Monkton

Many parishioners will have noticed the Thames Water earthworks in progress alongside the A346 between Chisledon and the reservoir north of the village.

Don’t walk your dogs in the woods!

Outbreaks of a disease called Alabama Rot have been reported as occurring in several places around us. The proper name for this disease is Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy (CRGV)

To put this in context, the Forestry Commission says : Many thousands of dogs are walked in the countryside every day and it is important to remember that only a very small number of dogs have been affected.

Even so, one dog has been put to sleep, and another three are receiving treatment, after walking in West Woods, near Marlborough. Other areas of concern include the woods at the polo ground near Coate Water, Stratton Woods and Lydiard Park.

The symptoms are skin lesions, usually below the knee or elbow, but sometimes the face or the chest or abdomen. Over the subsequent two to ten days the affected dogs have developed clinical signs of kidney failure which can include vomiting, reduced appetite and tiredness.

Grants and Awards

There is a small local charity which is able to make grants to residents of Ogbourne St George. The trustees of the Charity encourage parishioners to apply for grants or to nominate others.

If you know anyone in the parish who needs help, the contact details and more information are on the Ogbourne Charities page.

How many?

One of the FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) is “how many houses/households/people are in the village?

The latest official figures come from the Wiltshire Community History and the 2011 Census. That says there were 495 people in 2011. In comparison, the Wiltshire Intelligence Network (up to 2011) says there are exactly 200 households and 480 people.

Of course, since the Pooles Yard development, we now have c.15 more homes in the village, and a guestimated 37 more people (assuming the same ratio of 2.5 people per household).

So, the 2015 estimate is 215 houses and c.520 people.

Do you disagree? If your figures or data varies, please feel free to contact us and let us know.

The Dragon - December 2015

The December edition is here and the list of all previous editions is here.

Please read! And then, please contribute! The deadline for content is the 20th of each month - please contact the editor : Sally Utton.

Note: The same as every year, there will not be an edition of The Dragon in January. Some say this is because our pagan Dragon is away celebrating Alban Arthan [the Light of Arthur] on December 21st, and assisting the renewal and rebirth of the Sun, which brings a new year, warmth, light and life back to Earth again.

The Dragon - November 2015

Thanks as always to Sally Utton on her freely-donated time to run the village’s newsletter. Without which, many of us would be left saying “Wos’appnin?“.

The November edition is here and the list of all previous editions is here.

Please read! And then, please contribute! The deadline for content is the 20th of each month - please contact the editor : Sally Utton

October 2015 edition of the Dragon

The October 2015 edition of our village newsletter is now available.

See The Dragon index page for that and all available/previous versions.

Changes to bus services 70 and 80

Stagecoach bus company has advised that from 1st June 2015, it has extended its local bus service 8 in Swindon to run to Chiseldon. As a result the company decided to cease running its bus service 70 to Ogbourne St.George and Marlborough, which it operated as a commercial venture.

To ensure that a bus service will still operate through Ogbourne St.George village and Draycott Foliat, Wiltshire Council has arranged for bus service 80 to be extended to Swindon approximately every 2 hours.

New timetable

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