New Church Council

The village has a new Parochial Church Council (PCC), and the PCC contacts page has been updated.

Faster broadband getting closer

Between 14th and 27th November 2104, BT is installing a new NGA Cabinet at the telephone exchange. This is in preparation for the actual upgrade. Wiltshire Online says “surveying activities in your area to begin in early 2015.”

Work description: Install 2m of 2 poly ducts in Verge,Install 6m of 2 poly ducts in Footway,Provide 1 Cabinet and base (NGA cabinets).
Works ref: BC005WP00400500158505300
Current status: Work in progress
Work info last modified: 11:36 on 17/11/2014

Information found on
Last updated on : 09:48 on 19/11/2014
Data source: BT

Chiseldon Timberland Trail

For folks in Ogbourne St.George, the Chiseldon Timberland Trail now offers a safer way to cycle to & from Swindon, without using the main roads and the risk involved.

More here:

Wiltshire resident’s survey

Wiltshire Council and its partners (such as the Police, Police and Crime Commissioner, the Clinical Commissioning Group and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue service) undertake a survey each year. The survey which includes important questions on what it is like to live in Wiltshire generally goes out in the late autumn each year to a sample of around 10,000 residents.

In order to get as big a response as possible they have asked us to mention the survey. We will add links as soon as Wilts tells us what they are!

The final Parish Plan document!

News from Brian Utton (Chairman of the Parish Plan Team)

The final version of the Parish Plan is now available on this website.

His final act as Chairman of the Parish Plan Team will be to arrange a concluding meeting to cover off any outstanding matters such as the finances and to formally recognise everyone’s efforts in bringing this project to completion.

The Plan is here:

Inn With The Well - winter opening hours (2014-15)

As from 9th October 2014, The Inn With The Well’s opening hours are:

Monday to Thursday 4.00 to 10.30
Friday 12-2.15 and 4.00 to 11.00
Saturday 12.00 to 11.00
Sunday 12.00 to 4.30 Roast dinner from 12.00 to 2.30

Food Times
Lunch 12.00 to 2.30
Evenings 6.30 to 8.30

Water Butts (special offer)

As we are in the Thames Water area, villagers might be interested in a special offer from Thames Water.
(Buy One Get One Half Price)

e.g. 190 lt. butt with stand and diverter kit, 5 yr guarantee, @ £42.35 including delivery.
if a smaller, narrower one is required, all the above applies, but 100 lt. size @ £31.35.
Also they have joining kits available as well as a liquid to keep the water clear, again including delivery.

See or phone 0845 658 0055.

Playground improvements, June 2013

Hopefully you already know that there have been some major improvements to the playground behind the Village Hall. Paul Leader and Mike Cook have removed and replaced the broken woodwork on the swing and slide. These are now repaired, and are back in full working order.



The parish council is very grateful for Paul and Mike’s kind and generous action. Both have freely donated their own weekend time and effort. Thanks also to Councillors Ineke Scott (for organising suppliers, materials etc) and Michelle Cook (for organising Mike). The result is an improvement for all our children to enjoy.

Bank Holiday Beer Festival 2013

The Inn with the Well in Ogbourne St. George is holding a beer festival, 24th - 27th May 2013

The events so far:

Friday 24th May@ 8.30pm- ‘Bullseye’ Darts Competition

Saturday 25th May@ 8pm - ‘Sing for your Supper’ - (It is what it says in the title)

Monday 27th May- The Culinary Competition returns
3 p.m. - Pasties
4 p.m. - Afternoon Tea
Prizes on offer for the winning pasty and cake

Questions? Call Megan and Mike on (01672) 841445

Bottom Lane traffic, Consultation With Parishioners

Regarding the proposed changes to Bottom Lane.

Following the recent production of the report for the Traffic in Villages Initiative, members of the Parish Council met with Wiltshire Highways to discuss the main issues such as speeding through the village and parking. One of the problems raised was the concerns of residents in Bottom Lane who have for some time complained about the speed of traffic along the lane particularly from the direction of Aldbourne.

Highways suggested that it might be acceptable for Bottom Lane to become one way, with entry only from the village alongside the Parklands and with no entry from the Aldbourne direction. There would continue to be contra flow for cyclists. This is clearly a significant change and it can only go ahead after consultation and with the approval of the village.

The Parish Council want to hear from villagers whether
- A one way system should be introduced or
- Whether the current system should remain in place

Please can you let the Parish Council have your views either for or against by May 13th 2013 by email to the Parish Clerk or telephone 841270, or leave a message here on the village website.

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