Parish Plan

In this section, we have details of the Parish Plan that is being developed. This will identify the key issues that concern residents, along with the priorities and opportunities.

Work started in 2011 with open meetings to gather and categorise the topics and concerns

This was followed by the design and construction of a questionnaire to get quantifiable results, for and against the topics and concerns.

Initial findings were presented in open meetings in the Village Hall on Friday 27th April (7.30 - 9pm) and Saturday 28th April 2012 (10.30 - 12.00am)

Attached is the whole Parish plan presentation.

The Traffic Action Group has published the traffic plan that can be downloaded from here. This is being discussed with Wiltshire Highways, with a view to agreeing priorities and a realistic action plan.
- Recommendations and actions
- Traffic Plan Table
- Traffic Plan Details
- Bottom Lane traffic consultation, April 2013

Jan 2014

News from Brian Utton (Chairman of the Parish Plan Team)

The final version of the Parish Plan is now available on this website.

His final act as Chairman of the Parish Plan Team will be to arrange a concluding meeting to cover off any outstanding matters such as the finances and to formally recognise everyone’s efforts in bringing this project to completion.

The Plan is here: