Traffic Plan (October 2012)

The Traffic Action Group has published the Traffic Plan for Ogbourne St.George.


Ogbourne St George is one of a number of villages involved in the Marlborough Area Traffic Initiative, which is coordinating ideas and proposals to help develop a coherent and inclusive approach to street design and traffic management in villages around Marlborough.

This report has been informed by the results of the Ogbourne St George Parish Plan. The findings are currently under consultation within the village and reflect the concerns expressed by villagers in the Questionnaire and through focus groups and public meetings. The Parish Plan is currently at the stage where Groups have been formed to develop action plans for taking the interests of villagers forward and this project will assist in dealing with the traffic issues.

The work has been carried out by Wendy Reardon Smith and Louise Procter for the Traffic Group on behalf of the Parish Council and the Parish Plan. Further discussions and consultations will be undertaken with the Parish Council and within the village.

Where’s the report?

Download the report here.

Now what?
The Traffic Action Group will be discussing the plan with Wiltshire Highways. To influence the plan and its priorities, please send your comments and suggestions to Wendy Reardon Smith.