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We were tempted to call this section ‘Village People’!  In this section of the site we would like to accumulate a range of interesting stories and news items relating to people that live in the village.

Kevin Burch - A Queen’s Award Winner 2008

Kevin Burch who lives in Jubbs Lane has had the honour of being presented to the Queen at Buckingham Palace as a winner of the Queen’s Award for Innovation.  Kevin has invented a Time-lapse DVD recorder which is aimed at the security market. It is used by most of the UK police forces and by MI5, the FBI, and several other foreign police and secret service agencies.   Although the product was designed entirely by Kevin the award is given to the company. It is officially presented by the Lord Lieutenant and then two people are invited to visit the palace to meet the Queen.

Kevin takes up the story.  “My product was entered for the Queen’s Award for Innovation in October 2007.  Much to our surprise, in March 2008, we were advised that we had won but were sworn to secrecy, and told not to tell anyone until the Queen’s Birthday in June 2008.  I did however tell my mum!”

“The Lord Lieutenant of Oxfordshire, Sir Hugh Brunner attended a celebration in a marquee at our offices and presented the award which was an engraved lead crystal bowl, along with a certificate signed by Elizabeth and somebody named Gordon Brown!  Following this I and a colleague went to  Buckingham Palace in July  for an evening reception.  Whilst walking across the front courtyard several foreign tourists waved at us  through the bars at the entrance gates – obviously thinking we were important!!”

“Upon entering the Palace we were plied with champagne and canapés. The room where everybody mixed was a large central hallway/room of about 120 feet long by 40 feet wide.  The walls were covered in paintings including several Rembrandt’s.  The paintings were almost entirely of people and were hung using chains from large metal studs near the ceiling. The studs and chains were all painted pink matching the thick wall covering. Every other chain also had an alarm cable running down it. Each pair of chains supported up to three paintings ranging from about 4 feet by 6 feet to 9 feet by 12 feet. A painting which particularly stood out was of two nuns dressed in black habits -  their faces seemed to glow and extend out of the canvas!  One curious  room we passed through contained a set of large advertising banners showing the Queen meeting various foreign leaders.”

“Having gazed around the room and taken everything in we were eventually given ‘the nod’ that it was our turn to be presented to the Queen and Prince Philip. They appeared to be enjoying the occasion, and mingled freely with the guests following the introductions.  There were other members of the Royal Family present including the Duke of Kent and the Duke of Gloucester.  The dress code was lounge suits or day dresses. The royals were dressed likewise and the Queen was wearing a lime green two piece suit. The lesser royals also had title badges which were oval in shape, coloured navy blue with gold lettering showing their title.
We took our leave after 3 hours having been privileged to take part in a wonderful occasion and feeling as if it wasn’t real.  It now almost seems that it didn’t happen!  Was it all a dream……………….of course not! “