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** The planning application is now available of the Kennet planning website here. **

The school is in the pre-planning phase of having a new school hall. This is fully funded by the government as part of its initiative of ensuring all Primary schools have the basic facilities available to teach the national curriculum.

The new hall will make a significant improvement to the school and deliver much needed facilities and space! The teachers and Governors are currently working with the county planners and architects to deliver a plan which meets the needs of the school and takes into account feedback from the local community.

As part of the government’s Extended Schools agenda they state that the hall facility must be made available for community access. This will of course be managed by the school (who have a vested interest in ensuring that usage doesn’t cause disruption to their school facilities and local community) in the form of a lettings committee.

Clearly as with all change, along with the positive aspects there will always be some impact and concerns.

Based on the discussions at a recent open meeting at the school on the plans, there are clearly a lot of people excited about the changes to the school. Equally some of the immediate neighbours, understandably,  have some concerns.

The item that the Parish Council is seeking community views on is the after hours use of the school.

If you would like to make any contribution to the discussion - please use the comments section below.

Any views posted here will be gathered by the Parish Council as input to their discussions to determine a community policy on this issue and whether further public meeting(s) are desirable.

We will need to ‘moderate’ all contributions made - not to change content, but just to ensure that no personal comments are made (in line with our current policy on comments throughout the site).


  • Comment Author Paul Rouse
    Post Time Aug 14, 2008 at 9:45 am
  • As a member of the PC I would flag that the PC would not wish to restrict comments only to the question of after hours use but any other thoughts, contributions , ideas, objections etc would be more than welcome.

  • Comment Author Scotty
    Post Time Jan 7, 2009 at 12:11 am
  • The Parish Council held an additional meeting on Friday December 12th in order to let villagers have the opportunity to discuss the planning application for the
    proposed new school hall.

    The Council discussed the School Hall Planning Application taking into account comments they had gathered from Parishioners. Two councillors, Christine Mudge and Paul Willis both declared a personal interest because they live close to the proposed new hall. Essentially the Parish Council has no objection to the plans and noted that the School had made considerable effort to listen to objections and had amended the plans accordingly. It was proposed to approve the plans with two conditions: “that the new hall should be used for community uses which cannot be held at the village hall” and “the community use should not continue beyond 10pm whilst the village hall exists.”The meeting was thrown open to the public so that further discussion could take place. After listening to the views of those attending, the first condition was amended to state: “The school hall will not be in competition with the existing facility of the village hall but will only complement the existing provision where there is a specific need to do so.” There was unanimous approval of the two conditions and it was resolved to make these conditions known to the planning authority

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