The Ancient Tree Hunt

Here, as we are, a stone’s throw from Savernake Forest, we are close to a cluster of some the most ancient trees in Britain. If you walk quietly and carefully on some of our own footpaths, you can find ancient trees in our vicinity as well.

Why does it matter? In this respect, modern quantum physics and mystical tradition are at one. We live in a sea of energy, and we all, knowlingly or unknowlingly, bear witness to all events. At the molecular level at least, there are trees in our area that have a “memory” of events from hundreds of years ago.

The Woodland Trust has an Ancient Tree Hunt and is asking everyone to record all ancient trees in their area. They have an interactive map of all the ones recorded so far.

Go on, hug a tree, and find your self.


  • Comment Author Rose Marie
    Post Time Aug 19, 2013 at 9:35 pm
  • Oh my! Here I thought I was onto something as I clicked on “The Ancient Tree Hunt” thinking it was a link to Family Tree data hahaha. Methinks I’m a bit too anxious maybe?
    Am in the search of some genealogy pertianing to Ogbourne St. George, Preshute Parish for James Low (born Ogbourne St. George 1768) and Elizabeth Selman who were married 1799. Thanks!
    Rose Marie,

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