Census Information

The census for Ogbourne St George for the past 200 years is published here

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Large increase in population figures for the 1951 census.

This is because Ogbourne St George had a military camp just outside the village during the second world war. The 1951 records reflect the tail end of that population boost.

Take a look at this chart - shows male/female split

Census graph

Dark = male percentage of population

Light = female percentage of population

Source: A vision of Britain

Renewed growth in population 2001+

The 2001 census reflected growth again in the village. You’ll see from the history pages that new housing had been built in Jubbs lane, Bottom lane and St Georges Close. With the Pooles Yard development, we now have c.15 more homes in the village.

The latest official figures come from the Wiltshire Community History and the 2011 Census. That says there were 495 people in 2011. In comparison, the Wiltshire Intelligence Network (up to 2011) says there are exactly 200 households and 480 people.

With the new Pooles Yard homes, and a guestimated 37 more people (assuming the same ratio of 2.5 people per household), our 2015 estimate is 215 houses and c.520 people.