Within this section you will find historical photographs specifically of village events over the years.

We would really value information about any of the photos and people in them including dates, names, little stories, however trivial since it all adds to the interest. Use the comment form at the bottom of the page.

The Village Produce Show 1952

The pictures show ‘the Winchcombe donkey cart’ providing rides outside the Village Hall, and the line for the childrens’ fancy-dress competion.

Photographer: Oliver Frost

Village trip to the Vauxhall Car Plant at Luton, 1953

Village outing to Vauxhall in Luton

Village outing to Vauxhall in Luton

Front Row L-R: Dave Roberts,Brian Mitchell, Tim Frost, The Slade Sisters,
2nd Row L-R: Bus Driver, Colin Newman, Brian Winchcombe, Mick Edney, Cliff Olley(Below), Nell Mitchell (nee Coplestone), Mrs Cox?(Below), June Jones (nee Coplestone),Mrs Kenyon, Mrs Godfrey, Not Known, Bob Maslin.
3rd Row L-R: Mrs Ray Hawkins, Mrs Moore, Mrs Olley, Hon Mrs Joice Frost, Mrs Joe Power, Irene Roberts(nee Coplestone), NK, NK.
4th Row L-R: NK, Mrs Ryder ?, Mrs Polden, NK, Mrs Perkins, Mrs Bill Palmer.

Men at Back: NK, Mr Luker, Mr Godfrey ?, Mr Joe Power

Photographer: Brian Mitchell

The Queen’s 25th Jubilee, June 1977

The picture shows the village Tea Party in the barn at Rectory Farm

Photographer: Tim Frost


  • Comment Author Brian Mitchell
    Post Time Aug 5, 2008 at 11:37 am
  • Looking through these pictures in image 1 the cowboy on far right is James (Jimmer) Winchcombe. Behind him the pirate with sword is myself Brian Mitchell. Following me is my cousin David Roberts. Our Mothers being Sisters, of parents John Alfred (Jack) and Alice Coplestone.

    The lady stood next to ‘ Pop’ Winchcombe is Mrs Sylvia Newman(Nee Hacker)

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