Planning and Housing

The Parish Council review all planning applications within the Parish of Ogbourne St George. and Wiltshire Council will take into account councillors comments when coming to a decision.

Any local planning issues can be discussed with Wiltshire Council Planning Department. For contact details, see here.

Wiltshire Council has released a revised planning strategy for the Voluntary and Community Sector.

Latest Planning applications

For a view of all the latest (undecided) applications go straight to the Wiltshire Planning web site.

To find Ogbourne St George applications, select Ogbourne St George under Parish, then click “Search”.


Housing Needs

With the proposed housing developments in mind, the Parish Council needed to identify how many local people wanted affordable housing. A survey for this was run by Wiltshire Council and the results are published here.

In summary, it identified a need for a minimum of seven new dwellings in the next three years.