Walks and Rides

Ogbourne St George is located in an area classified as being of Outstanding Natural Beauty. For those who enjoy walking or cycling there is exceptional access to a wide network of cross country trails and paths.

The ancient Ridgeway trail passes through the village but it’s only one of many routes that both residents and visitors enjoy.

This area of the website provides information to residents and visitors alike, of some of the local walks/rambles as well as longer range bike routes that can be experienced.

We always welcome new routes - please let us know of YOUR favourite walk or bike ride. Even if you don’t have enough details to publish, if you provide the details perhaps one of the website committee can try out the route and write it up!

Ogbourne St.George features as the first walk on The Megalthic Empire.

Why not publish your own favourite walk to a wider audience on Ramblers Routes as well?

Over the coming year, we’ll be adding more and more routes - the following are just a starter for 10