The Parish Council is open and transparent about the way it manages its finances. This page contains information on the way the Council protects its finances and what it has spent money on.

The Council’s finances are monitored on a day to day basis by the Responsible Financial Officer (Parish Clerk) and the Full Council monitors the income and expenditure at every meeting.

The Council also appoints an independent internal auditor to assess the internal controls of the Council such as such as ensuring payments made have been signed off by the Council and checks the Council’s overall compliance with relevant legislation.


The Parish Council receives the majority of its income through the precept; an annual sum of money collected with the Council Tax by Wiltshire Council. The precept, set by the Parish Council in January, for 2018/19  is £11,989 which is a Band D rate of £51.78. The rest of the Council’s income is from grants and bank interest. You can view the agreed budget here: Budget 18/19.

All queries relating to this information should be addressed to the Clerk.

Annual Audit

The Parish Council prepares Annual Accounting statements which, since 2018, is now exempt from being externally audited due to the size of the accounts. These statements summarise the Council’s income and expenditure for the year and includes statements from the Council’s internal auditor.

Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) 2017/18

AGAR 17_18

AGAR Internal Auditor report

AGAR Notice for Commencement

AGAR Clerks report incs Variances

AGAR bank_reconciliation_2017-18


Annual Return 2016/17

Internal Auditors Report

Internal Audit and Annual Return 2016/17

Notice of Date of Commencement

Notice of Conclusion

External Auditor Comments (page 4)

For more historic audit information please contact the Clerk.


The Transparency Code for Smaller Councils requires parish councils to publish the following information:

  • All items of expenditure above £100  – see Parish Council Agendas & Minutes
  • End of year accounts, the annual governance statement and the internal audit report – see above.
  • A list of councillor responsibilities – see Your Parish Councillors 
  • Details of public land and building assets owned by the parish council – see Assets
  • Minutes should be published not later than a month following the meeting – see Meetings page
  • Agendas should be published not later than 3 clear days before the meeting is taking place – see Meetings page