All residents and parishioners have a right to know how the Parish Council is spending money on their behalf. This page will index all documents that the Parish Council has made available, in date order, most recent first. These will be summaries, further details are available on request to The Clerk of the Parish Council.


Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR) 2017/18

AGAR 17_18

AGAR Internal Auditor report

AGAR Notice for Commencement

AGAR Clerks report incs Variances

AGAR bank_reconciliation_2017-18


Annual Return 2016/17

Internal Auditors Report

Internal Audit and Annual Return 2016/17

Notice of Date of Commencement

Notice of Conclusion

External Auditor Comments (page 4)


Annual Return 2015-16



Parish Council meeting, March 2017
New financial regulations  adopted.