Father Roger is the priest in charge for the Ridgeway Benefice. He covers the parishes of Holy Cross Chiseldon, Ogbourne St George and Ogbourne St Andrew.

Here is an except from the Dragon Magazine which provides a little bit of background on Father Roger. Note: It was written in 2007 – allow for that in any ages you read!

It is nearly 18 months ago that Father Roger moved to Chiseldon to become Priest in charge of the Ridgeway Team.Before moving here he and his family had lived in inner-city Leicester for 11 years. He was beginning to feel that he needed a new and different challenge in parish ministry and when the opportunity of taking on the Ridgeway Parishes arose it was the lure of rural life that tempted him. His wife, Heather, encouraged him to make the move and was instrumental in helping him to take the decision.Roger has been surprised how despite being a real “townie” he has settled so quickly into country living and how much the whole family enjoys being part of a small community. Despite occasionally missing the buzz of city life with all the shops and the mix of different cultures any regrets have soon been replaced by the appreciation of the beautiful countryside and the warm welcome the family has received from the three parishes. He loves parish ministry because it is so varied and he enjoys visiting parishioners and working with young people. However, he doesn’t like all aspects of the work such as the administration and endless meetings!!

Roger and Heather are delighted that their three children Benjamin 7, Sophie 3, and the most recent addition, Samuel 3 months, have the opportunity to grow up in a village and experience the open spaces and fresh air. Village life has also given Roger the opportunity to indulge in his favourite hobbies of singing and dancing and he will be appearing in the Ridgeway Theatre Group’s annual play in Chiseldon Church in November.   As for his hopes for the Parish, Roger says “I hope that all three parishes will work well together so that we can be examples of God’s love and presence here. I want our work with children and young people to grow and develop so that we can help prepare them to live responsible and fruitful lives. I hope that we will continue to care for the elderly and housebound and also reach those people of all ages for whom the church is something to be suspicious of.”