An update from Ogbourne St George Parish Council

 The Parish Council is pleased to inform everyone, that after several years of negotiations with Wiltshire Council, we have agreed new street lighting for the village.

Many years ago when local authorities where changing street lighting to yellow sodium lights, Ogbourne St George took the decision to take over the ownership and maintenance of its street lighting in order to keep white lights.  This was all fine in the early years when the lights were new but as time has gone by our lights have become expensive and now impossible to maintain as spare parts are no longer available.  Ogbourne St George is now possibly the only Council in Wiltshire still to own and maintain its street lighting.

The agreement with Wiltshire Council is that they will take on the ownership, maintenance and running costs of a new generation of white LED lights.  These will be installed in locations as per the consultation held by the Council in 2017.

The lights will be capable of being dimmed to 75% of their output at 20:00 hrs and to 50% between 23:00 hrs and 06:00 hrs.  They will be modern units as agreed with the Conservation Officer of Wiltshire Council.

The cost of the units has been funded partly by our own reserves and partly by money generated through a rise in the precept this year.  We have paid half of the cost through these measures and the other half through a generous interest free loan provided by Wiltshire Council repayable over five years.  The cost of the lighting is based on a fixed sum so we will not be liable for any overrun.  The Parish Council do not foresee the need to raise any more money for street lighting in future years.

We anticipate that installation will take place over the summer months.  It should not cause any disruption in the village as the units will largely be replacements on existing poles.

Finally, this has taken a long time for us to achieve and the Parish Council wish to thank all those who have been involved particularly previous parish councillors who did much of the preparatory work in the early years and Councillor Jane Davies from Wiltshire Council who has helped enormously get this over the line.

Any questions about the street lighting or any other Parish Council matter please contact the Parish Clerk on


Cllr Gordon Mudge

Chairman, Ogbourne St George Parish Council