History of our Village

British History Online

No precise date of foundation can be assigned for the alien priory of Ogbourne. The manor of Ogbourne St. Andrew was given for the wardrobe of the monks of Bec in 1107-33 by Brian FitzCount and Maud of Wallingford; a second charter of a date between 1122 and 1147 refers to the grant of both Ogbourne St. George and Ogbourne St. Andrew; and a confirmation of the grant of both manors and their churches was given by Maud in her widowhood, between 1150 and 1154. (fn. 1) The appropriation of both churches was granted by Hubert Walter in 1189-93, when he was Bishop of Salisbury; (fn. 2) and in 1208 Bishop Herbert Poore erected the churches of both Ogbournes with the churches of Wantage and Hungerford and the chapel of Shalbourne into a prebend of Salisbury. (fn. 3)

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A Vision of Britain through time

The Vision of Britain through time web site is an interesting site to take a wander around. For Ogbourne St George it has a historical description. But more generally it has UK maps, resolving down to village level from the 19th and 20th century. It also has UK census information (minus 2001), which is sliced and diced many different ways, again resolving down to village/parish level.  Visit the site here

Wiltshire Community History resource

The Wiltshire District Council have an enormous historic resource.

You can find a ‘concise history’ of the village as researched by John Chandler here.

We are unable to reproduce the text on this site for copyright reasons and it looks like the information has been removed and published in a book. See details on the Wiltshire page.