Water, water, everywhere…

But not a drop to drink (on the surface).

The river Og is a bourne, originally meaning a river that is dry in summer months. That is why when you look at old maps of the area, you will find that many houses shared wells, to get water during the summer from deeper underground. In the last few decades, wells have been replaced by domestic water supplies. But water is still extracted on a massive scale by Thames Water’s bore holes. Local farms that need water for their livestock are now having to redrill their own bore holes even deeper to find fresh water.

The British Geological Survey archives include records of all bore holes (usually for wells). You can get a fascinating insight into recent history of the village and how people lived by zooming in on the Ogbourne St.George area and looking at the archived records of where boreholes have been drilled.

Go to http://www.bgs.ac.uk/data/boreholescans/home.html – then click “Go to location”, enter “ogbourne st george” and click “Go”.